About Us

Arbor Biosciences is composed of a passionate group of scientists who are dedicated to developing cost-effective, user-friendly products for researchers in the fields of genetics and synthetic biology.

We maintain a friendly, can-do attitude throughout the organization which allows for a collaborative process of success. While we work hard at delivering new products to the market and completing service projects for collaborators, team building and social activities are planned throughout the year to celebrate our efforts. We offer health insurance and a matching retirement plan to all employees. If this matches the type of organization you would like to work for, then please review our current career opportunities below.

We currently do not have any open opportunities. Please check back often or submit a resume for consideration in future openings.

This is a DNA laboratory technician position with project management responsibilities. Successful applicants will be highly adept at molecular biological bench work. They will also be adept at interpreting and reporting the results of basic DNA-based assays. We are looking for an energetic and self-motivated individual who demands their own excellence and communicates actively with the supervisor and teammates. Must be comfortable with both routine work and more dynamic multitasking.


  • Bachelor’s degree that involved molecular biology laboratory work
  • 6+ months post-undergraduate molecular laboratory work (academic or professional)
  • Adept in sterile laboratory technique
  • Familiar with DNA quantification techniques, including q/RT-PCR
  • Able to calculate molecular quantity from volume and concentration
  • Excellent lab space organization
  • Excellent notebook record-keeping
  • Adept with Windows and spreadsheet software
  • Works well in a team environment
  • Flexibility in work hours (occasionally stay late or come in early)
  • References with whom you worked in the laboratory or who managed your work


  • Familiarity with next-generation sequencing (NGS) sample prep
  • Familiarity with NGS instrument operation (MiSeq, NextSeq, PGM, Proton)
  • Experience in protocol optimization or invention

Salary commensurate with experience.

At least one professional or academic reference is required and will be contacted.

How to Apply

Please send us your cover letter and resume by email to careers@arborbiosci.com. Please DO NOT CALL. Job applications will not be discussed over the phone.

Arbor Biosciences is an equal-opportunity employer.

If you need assistance placing an order, requesting a quote, or technical support, feel free to contact our team directly.