myTags® – Custom Designed FISH Libraries

myTags® are oligonucleotide probes for detection and visualization of complementary genomic targets in FISH and other applications.

Each myTags® library contains unique short oligonucleotide sequences that can be used to detect the presence of genomic targets and locate their spatial and temporal position. The short length of MYtags probes, 43-47nt, allows for quick and efficient penetration of cell barriers and a consistent melting temperature range enables using a single hybridization profile for FISH assays.

myTags are custom-designed using assembled sequences to address many of the drawbacks associated with BAC-derived probes. The proprietary bioinformatics design process at Arbor Biosciences uses custom genomic coordinates from assembled sequences for identification of hundreds to thousands of highly-specific probe sequences for hybridization only to the intended targets. These probes collectively provide bright and reliable signal in FISH assays while minimizing or eliminating background signal associated with repetitive sequences and non-specific binding. Probe sequences are produced using our proprietary oligo synthesis technology, which enables parallel synthesis of tens of thousands of different probe sequences in a single pool. These oligos are converted into FISH probes using the highly efficient myTags labeling method.

We offer free assistance in designing probes or can incorporate customer-designed probes into the myTags labeling system. myTags FISH probes have been successfully used in specialized applications including 3D DNA-FISH, Cryo-FISH, and RNA-FISH in a variety of cell types. myTags FISH probes are provided as labeled, ready-to-use probes or as immortal probe libraries that can be amplified and labeled as needed using the myTags labeling protocol. Labeled probes are provided at minimum yields of 500 pmol and are available in a number of options, including fluorophores and haptens.

Features & Benefits

Increased Specificity
Custom design process eliminates repetitive regions and boosts signal
Labeling Flexibility
Probes provided as unlabeled immortal libraries or ready-to-use labeled probes
Custom Design Service
Experienced In-house design team can identify probes for any FISH project


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